United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Iraq

  1. Key UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq, Aug. 6, 1990-June 8, 2004
  2. Select UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq, 1980-1990
I. Key UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq
Aug. 6, 1990-June 8, 2004
Date Resolution (In PDF format) Main Subject Description
June 8, 2004 1546 Iraqi sovereignty Recognizes the dissolution of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and looks forward "to the end of the occupation and the assumption of full responsibility and authority by a fully sovereign and independent Interim Government of Iraq by 30 June 2004."

[Editor's Note: The Coalition Provisional Authority transferred power to the interim Iraqi government on June 28, 2004.]
Apr. 21, 2004 1538 Economic Sanctions Calls for an investigation into the Saddam Hussein regime for "bribery, kickbacks, surcharges on oil sales, and ilicit payments" with humanitarian goods brought in during the economic sanctions of the 1990s.
Oct. 16, 2003 1511 Multinational force in Iraq Authorizes a multinational force to help maintain security and stability in Iraq and calls for a move to Iraqi national sovereignty "as soon as practicable."
Aug. 26, 2003 1502 Violence in Iraq Condemns violence against humanitarian workers, citing the Aug. 19, 2003 terrorist attack against UN headquarters in Baghdad. Expresses determination to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian and UN personnel.
Aug. 14, 2003 1500 UNAMI Establishes the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) to help fulfill the mandate of UNSCR 1483.
May 22, 2003 1483 Oil-for-Food Lifts sanctions placed on Iraq by Resolution 661 on Aug. 6, 1990. Requests the UN Secretary General to terminate the UN Oil-for-Food program. Establishes a Development Fund at the Iraqi Central Bank to deposit oil revenues from export sales.
Mar. 28, 2003 1472 Oil-for-Food Gives UN more authority to administer the Oil-for-Food Program. Authorizes the Secretary General to establish alternative locations for the delivery of humanitarian supplies and equipment.
Nov. 8, 2002 1441 Weapons Inspections Holds Iraq in "material breach" of disarmament obligations, offers Iraq a final chance to comply by allowing weapons inspections to resume, and warns of "serious consequences" for continued violations.
May 14, 2002 1409 Economic Sanctions Reaffirms UN members' commitment to maintaining the territorial integrity of Iraq. Draws up a "Goods Review List," a list of products which would be subjected to the scrutiny of a United Nations sanctions committee.
Dec. 17, 1999 1284 UNMOVIC Replaces the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) with the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC). Lifts all export limits on Iraqi oil and arranges for facilitating humanitarian supplies to Iraq.
Nov. 5, 1998 1205 Weapons Inspections Demands Iraq rescind its Oct. 31, 1998 and Aug. 5, 1998 decisions to cease cooperation with weapons inspectors. Further demands that Iraq provide "immediate, complete and unconditional cooperation" with inspectors.
Mar. 2, 1998 1154 Weapons Inspections Stresses compliance by Iraq with weapons inspectors and to allow "immediate, unconditional and unrestricted" access, any violation will have "severest consequences for Iraq."
Nov. 12, 1997 1137 Weapons Inspections Condemns continuing violations of earlier resolutions by Iraq, demands compliance with weapons inspectors, and imposes travel restrictions on Iraqi officials deemed to have obstructed weapons inspectors.
June 21, 1997 1115 Weapons Inspections Condemns the repeated refusal to cooperate fully with weapons inspectors. Suspends reviews on sanctions and the arms embargo until the next inspection report.
June 12, 1996 1060 Weapons Inspections Deplores the refusal of Iraq to allow access to weapons inspections. Demands Iraq's full cooperation in accordance with relevant resolutions.
Apr. 14, 1995 986 Oil-for-Food Creates the Oil-for-Food program that enables Iraq to sell up to $1 billion of oil every 90 days and use the proceeds as a "temporary measure to provide the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people."
Oct. 15, 1994 949 Kuwait Condemns Iraqi military deployments toward Kuwait and demands Iraq withdraw all military from southern Iraq.
Aug. 15, 1991 707 Weapons Inspections

Condemns Iraq's "serious violation" of Resolution 687 and its non-compliance with obligations under the July 1, 1968 Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty. Orders Iraq to provide "full, final and complete disclosure" of all weapons programs. Requires Iraq to allow flyovers for weapons surveillance and survey purposes.

Aug. 15, 1991 706 Oil-for-Food Proposes allowing Iraq to export up to $1.6 billion of oil, the revenue from which would be paid into a UN-administered account, to be used only to buy food, medicines and other essential material for a six month period.
Apr. 3, 1991 687 Weapons Inspections Requires Iraq to: unconditionally accept the destruction, removal, or rendering harmless all chemical and biological weapons; agree not to acquire or develop nuclear weapons or nuclear-weapons-usable material; and not use, develop, construct or acquire any weapons of mass destruction.

Creates the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) to verify the elimination of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons programs and mandates that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verify elimination of Iraq's nuclear weapons program.
Aug. 6, 1990 661 Economic Sanctions Imposes economic sanctions on Iraq as a consequence of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Sanctions include a full trade embargo barring all imports from and exports to Iraq, excepting only medical supplies, foodstuffs, and other items of humanitarian need.

II. Select UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq
1990 642, 660, 662, 665, 666, 667, 669, 670, 674, 677 1982 514, 522
1989 631, 642 1981 487
1986 582 1980 479