US - Iraq War Site Map

Pros and Cons by Issue
Issue: Justifications for Invading Iraq
          Q:  Did Saddam Hussein and his regime pose a threat to the United States and its allies?
          Q:  Did Saddam Hussein and his regime pose an immediate or imminent threat?
          Q:  Was the phrase "imminent threat" used or implied by the Bush Administration before the invasion?
          Q:  What is a weapon of mass destruction (WMD)?
          Q:  Did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction after the 1st Gulf War?
          Q:  Did Saddam Hussein try to acquire uranium yellowcake or aluminum tubes for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons?
          Q:  Did Saddam Hussein develop and maintain mobile labs for the purpose of biological and chemical weapon production?
          Q:  What was known about Saddam Hussein's use of weapons of mass destruction prior to the US invasion in 2003?
          Q:  What was Saddam Hussein's involvement with terrorist groups?
          Q:  Was Saddam Hussein involved in 9/11?
          Q:  Did Iraq under Saddam Hussein support Al Qaeda?
          Q:  Did Sep. 11, 2001 justify the Bush Administration's decision to attack Iraq?
       Human Rights Abuses
          Q:  What human rights abuses did Saddam Hussein and his regime commit?
          Q:  Did the humanitarian crisis in Iraq warrant intervention?
       Iraq's Oil
          Q:  Was control of Iraq's oil a reason for the US to attack Iraq?
          Q:  Was Iraq's decision to change payment for its oil from dollars to euros a reason for the US to attack Iraq?
       Spreading Democracy
          Q:  What did George W. Bush say were the plans to establish democracy in Iraq?
          Q:  Could plans for democracy in Iraq succeed?
          Q:  Could regime change in Iraq promote the spread of democracy in the Middle East?
          Q:  Did Saddam Hussein's violation of United Nation resolutions justify the invasion of Iraq?
          Q:  Did the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 provide sufficient legal basis for military action against Iraq?
          Q:  Was the preemptive invasion of Iraq a violation of international law?
          Q:  What is the difference between preemptive and preventive military action?
          Q:  What was the Bush administration's National Security Strategy (aka the Bush Doctrine)?
          Q:  What constituted preemptive military action according to the Bush Doctrine?
          Q:  What is a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)?
          Q:  What did the 2002, 2004, 2006, Jan. 2007, and Aug. 2007 National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) report?
          Q:  Which classified intelligence information products are routinely shared with Congress and which ones are not?
          Q:  Did Congress have the same intelligence information as the White House prior to the October 2002 congressional vote authorizing the use of force in Iraq?
Issue: Insurgency and Terrorism
          Q:  What was the insurgency in Iraq?
          Q:  What is the difference between insurgency and terrorism?
          Q:  What is terrorism?
          Q:  How was the war in Iraq expected to impact global terrorism?